Welcome to the White Horse Gin Club

Every month, members of the White Horse Gin Club receive a generous double of a new gin to try. On this page you will find details of current, forthcoming and past gins of the month.

This month's gin (May 2018)

6oclockgin.co.uk 6 O'Clock Gin

6 O'Clock is a refreshingly smooth gin with a clean flavour led by Juniper. The smoothness flows from a custom-built copper pot still with its unique double sphere head, together with the selection of botanicals, and the distiller's craft. Only the pure heart of each run makes the cut.

Edward Kain, the dapper gentleman seafarer, was the great-grandfather of the head distiller. He enjoyed his G+T at 6 o'clock.

6 O'clock gin is distilled and bottled near Bristol. For 'ginspiration' and more info, see the website.

Forthcoming Gins

Jun 2018 - Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla