Welcome to the White Horse Gin Club

Every month, members of the White Horse Gin Club receive a generous double of a new gin to try. On this page you will find details of current, forthcoming and past gins of the month.

This month's gin (Sep 2018)

58 Distillery Fifty Eight Gin

September's gin is a 'Single Shot' Traditional Small Batch Gin. 58 gin is distilled in the heart of London's East End. It is handcrafted using nine selected botanicals and the finest English wheat spirit. Juniper and Coriander with Angelica and Oris form the classic backbone, with lemon, pink grapefruit and bergamot forming the crisp citrus edge. Spicy cubeb pepper and smooth vanilla complete the picture. The result is an award-winning gin from master distiller Mark Marmont at one of London's smallest micro-distillers. 

Perfect with lemon and either Fever Tree Indian Tonic water or Square Root London Cinchona Indian Tonic Water. 

Forthcoming Gins

Oct 2018 - Gin Lane 1751 Victoria Pink Gin