Welcome to the White Horse Gin Club

Every month, members of the White Horse Gin Club receive a generous double of a new gin to try. On this page you will find details of current, forthcoming and past gins of the month.

This month's gin (Sep 2019)

Brockman's Gin Ltd Brockman's Premium Gin

Brockman's Intensely Smooth Premium Gin is a unique blend of botanicals with subtle notes of berry to give an intensely smooth taste. 

Prepare with a twist of pink grapefruit peel and two blueberries. Add extar large ice cubes and a premium tonic.

Forthcoming Gins

Oct 2019 - Zuidam Distillers BV Dutch Courage Dry Gin

Previous Gins

Aug 2019
G&J Distillers Limehouse Pink Gin
Jul 2019
Chase Distillery Chase GB
Jun 2019
Eckarts Wacholder, Germany Finton's Special London Dry Gin
May 2019
Bullards of Norwich Old Tom Gin
Apr 2019
Dunnet Bay Distillers Rock Rose
Mar 2019
Conker Spirit Dorset Dry Gin
Feb 2019
Lyme Bay Winery Lyme Bay Dry Gin
Jan 2019
Atlantic Galacian Spirits S.L.U. Nordes Atlantic Galacian Gin
Dec 2018
Archangel Distilleries Archangel Gin
Nov 2018
The Bloomsbury Club Gin Lane 1751 Victoria Pink Gin
Oct 2018
What A Hoot Gin Company What A Hoot Gin
Sep 2018
58 Distillery Fifty Eight Gin
Aug 2018
Beam Suntory UK Ltd Roku Gin
Jul 2018
Martin Miller's Gin
Jun 2018
Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla
May 2018
6oclockgin.co.uk 6 O'Clock Gin
Apr 2018
Suffolk Distillery Suffolk Dry Gin - Mandarin and Cranberry
Mar 2018
Reno Wine Artificer's Gin
Feb 2018
St. Giles Gin
Dec 2017
Southwestern Distillery Tarquin's Mulled Cranberry & Tangerine Gin
Sep 2017
Pickering's Gin
Jun 2017
Poetic License Picnic Gin
Apr 2017
Bullards Norwich Gin
Mar 2017
Poetic Licence Orange Blossom
Feb 2017
Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin
Jan 2017
Pink 47 London Dry Gin
Dec 2016
Dodd's Kew Organic Gin
Nov 2016
Curio Rock Samphire Gin
Sep 2016
Southwestern Distillery Tarquins Limited Edition The Tonquin Gin
Aug 2016
G'Vine Floraison
Jul 2016
Ableforth Professor Cornelius’s Bathtub Gin
May 2016
Whitley Neill Small Batch Gin
Mar 2016
Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin
Jan 2016
Tanqueray No. TEN
Nov 2015
Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin
Sep 2015
Bloom Premium London Dry Gin
Aug 2015
Portobello Road No. 171
Aug 2015
Heston Cherry Bakewell Vodka
Jul 2015
Adnams Copper House
Jun 2015
Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin